Google Site Kit For WordPress-Best Way To Connect Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, etc.

Google Site Kit For WordPress-Best Way To Connect Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, etc.

How To Use Google Site Kit For WordPress

Why Google Site Kit his Important For WordPress

I am going to show you that  how to connect Google site kit the brand new official Google plugin for WordPress how to add that to your
website but first why would you even want to add it to your website well whenever you start a website there are services that Google provides for you right the two biggest ones are Google Analytics and search engine console and so what this plugin does is it helps you set those up and connect your site to them so you’re not going to need any of those Google Analytics plugins like monster insights or analytic  or anything like that and it also ties in Google search engine console 

How to set up Google Site kit

In this blog  I’m going to show you how to add it to your website and how to set it up and it provides excellent structure for any website owner that might forget to add search engine console or add this other thing but it also adds two other services Adsense and PageSpeed insights which help to speed up your website

So first what you have to do  you want to go to that is the URL 

or google go to google and search for Google site kit and it’ll take you right here then you’ll click on get developer beta now this is in beta it was announced  last year 2018 and it’s a beta but it works great and many experts use this plugin and its recommend by google hopefully there’s more improvements to come so  down  right u can see  link it says download right here

so  when yoU finish downloading the plugin then what you’re gonna want to do is go to your WordPress website go to plugins add new and wherever you

download actually will click on upload plug-in and then where you downloaded it you just drag and drop that sucker in there click on install now

and you’ll click on activate and we are set so we get this congratulations you’ll click on start setup so it will open all the steps 

now there’s gonna be some technical jargon get your API copy this copy that but it walks you through the entire process it’s so easy to do and we’re gonna do it together 

so make sure the web browser that you’re using  you have a Google account already from which you have link your google search console and if you have not link your google account with search console this plugin will help you to link  so there will be one link

just click on it and do what it says so this first one is we need to get this little of code so we’ll click on oauth credentials

right here and we’re just going to go through this step by step now it opened ahead and click on get off credentials now there was a warning here if you have a pop-up blocker just disable it it’s gonna interfere with getting these credentials and all these steps so just
temporarily disable it so you don’t have to highlight or anything there’s a little copy button right here and I’ll click on done and

then go back and paste it this link than click on proceed step one done pretty easy right and it’s just going to be like that so now we need to
sign in with Google so I’ll click on

sign in with Google and you can choose your account your Google account that you’re logged into and if you have done with logging then you gonna have to click allow and then a second time we’re gonna click allow this will also ask you some permission so make sure you allow 

and then it will take you back to your website  already on step three now it’s going to verify your URL really quick 

it will show you the website Url in the box so simply you have to click on continue so on 4 step it have automatically connect your website with google search console then simple you have to click on go to Dashboard 

now here you will see this dashboard now we are automatically connect with seach console but you can simply easily connect with google Analytics so before going to the next step you can scroll down and you can able to see your all details so ifyou  activate more things 

so now activate Google Analytics so what you have to do simply click on the Analytics connect service links 

So now simply click on proceed so they will ask your google account so you just connect with your gmail account 

So it will open this page so what you have to do click on the advance 

so click on the link down go to whatever your website name so again they will ask some permission so simply allow for all so after all permission your webite is connect with Google Analytics

So it will open this page it mean you have sucessfully connected so what you have to do click on configure Analytics so now you have connected with two services Google console and Analytics so now you can see some changes so you will have more data so scroll down and you may able to see all the details with you 

So now  you have to activate page speed insights so again you have click page speed insights connenct service 

So it will open this page and so you can see they ask for API key so dont worry about that   what you have to do click on the link 

so when you have click that link so you can see a page get API KEY

So click on the button 

So copy the Api key and come back and paste the key 

and click on proceed so now u can see on your website all the details related to all that you have done 

So now we have done with the tutorial we have configure all the things sucessfully 


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