How To Find Competitors Keyword Using Ubersuggest (rank no1 on google)

How To Find Competitors Keyword Using Ubersuggest (rank no1 on google)

How to find low competitors keyword for your website

So if you want to know the  keyword research process using free tools, on how I find low competition keywords for my websites
 Before doing keyword research you must first select the niche of your website.

Once you have finalized your niche, now it’s time to find low competition keywords for your website. Although many users  use a paid keyword tool called “ahrefs”But since not all of you will be able to afford the expensive tool, I’ll be showing you

everything through its free alternative. which is equally good

It’s called “Ubersuggest”.


Also if you don’t want to waste your time doing keyword research for your website, so ubersuggest will help to find the right keyword so I I’ll show you step by step read our full article So you will be able to find profitable keywords for your website.

Finding the right keywords for your e commerce website, Amazon website, and for every website business or it may be blog is not that difficult, and I’ll be showing you the exact process. Usually I don’t follow the same strategy that other SEO experts follow, that they will
try to find keywords and they will check its individual competition I don’t do that. I’d rather directly go to my competition who is already ranking one on the main keyword, and then I try to find all the related keywords for which he is ranking. And strategy has helped me scale my website  So let me tell you how it’s done.

Ubersuggest free tool by Neil Patel.


So let’s say take an example you have an  affiliate website and have to sell take an example best washing machines.

So what you do is, go on to Google, search for “best washing machine in India”. So what you have to do is, go to the first website that is ranking number one on Google search results.

Take the first position that is ranking.

So this is from “Bijili Bachao” Open the website… okay, so the article is “best washing machines in India” Copy the URL
 paste it here, English/India, select the country as India if you’re targeting the Indian audience.

Let’s see, go to the top pages….

Now let’s find the article that we were searching for, the article is “best washing machine in India”

 So best washing machine in India is the 2nd most popular in this website and it is ranking number 1.

So best washing machine in India has the potential of 22,788 of traffic.
So the best part about this strategy is all you have to do is click here on “view all”

and this will give you the list of all the various keywords for which this article is

ranking and also along the position with it.So for this particular keyword, which is the most popular keyword in the washing machine
segment, which has the volume of 14,800… this article is ranking number 2. Again, best washing machine, number 3. this all keyword you can see for what this article is ranking with high volume keyword search 

So this way, all you have to do is click on “export to CSV”  and you’ll be able todownload the complete list of all the keywords for which this article is ranking,

So let’s see here.

Download Uber KEYWORDS

So you were able to download, almost 220 keywords,
And primarily in my research what I’ve done is that I try to optimize my website for justthe top 20 keywords. Because that alone is more than enough for- the Google to understand what the article is about and the rest of the keywords are automatically ranked.

So what you have to do if i am writting article about the best washing machine in India, what I’ll do is- I’ll go and find the first ranking article, I’ll put it on Ubersuggest, I’ll take the top 20 keywords and optimize my article around those keywords, and that is more than enough guys. That is the simple process. Don’t make the keyword process too complicated.

And also, stop using Google Adwords. I’ve seen so many YouTubers are recommending the Google keyword planner for the keyword optimization, don’t do that. Rather use this amazing tool of Neil Patel. And the best part is you already know that this website is ranking number 1. And you already know that this website is driving such an amazing traffic. So all you have to do is steal the competitor’s keywords. This is better than finding the keywords yourself, right?
And I’ve been using the same strategy for my affiliate websites and I’ve been really successful with this strategy as well.

So let’s do it for some other keyword as well.

Okay… so let’s say you go for some other category.

we go for “best mobile phone under 10,000”.

So what we’ll do is, we’ll go to the first result, which is the digit article result

We’ll copy the URL.

We’ll go to the URL bar paste it here, English / India because we’re targeting the India country, select search

And there are multiple options as well you can see the keyword ideas, you can also see the backlinks

So this article, best phones under 10,000, it is driving 229,000 visitors per month and let’s click on “view all” to find all the keywords for which it is ranking. Best budget smart phone, best budget phone.

So these are all the keywords for which it is ranking. So this is the strategy and similarly you can check the other articles for which this website is ranking as well, like best pones under Rs15,000, etc.
The best particular strategy for finding the right keywords all you have to do is export the keywords and then optimize your article along these keywords.
And also you can go to the keyword ideas
and find like, “best mobiles” in English and in India… so let’s search.


And this will give you a lot of ideas regarding the best mobiles. Okay, best mobiles… and also the best part about this particular keyword insider is that it will give you the search difficulty… how difficult it is for you to rank your article which is in yellow colour.

So 66… it’s yellow, it’s not really too easy to rank because it’s a very complicated term because the traffic volume is really high, the competition is also really high. Similarly, down you can see best mobiles under 10,000. A very high search volume of 110,000 and the competition is also high because 64 is a really high number, right?

SD means SEO difficulty or search engine difficulty, So this is also a great way to find related keywords.

So honestly guys, there’s no other complicated technique that you need to know to find the right keywords. All you have to do is use this free tool called Ubersuggest. And either you can put URL of your competitor in the URL bar and find all its keywords and export it or you can write the keyword yourself and find the ideas along with the search engine difficulty as well.

Because one thing that you have to keep in mind is that keyword is not the only thing that matters. But the competition level is also what you have to look for. If the competition of the keyword is high or low, 

Like up you can see here for this particular article the best mobile phones in India for July 2018, this article is driving 110,000 visitors per month.So this article must be making a lot of money from Amazon affiliate account, So you can see the keywords for which it is ranking, best mobile, best mobile phones. And also the SEO difficulty like how difficult it is to rank number 1 for this keyword like for best mobile the SEO difficulty is really high, so anything more than 35 or 40 will

be difficult for a single man army… if you yourself are doing the SEO, writing the articles and everything. It will be difficult for you to rank number 1.

Not at least a month… it will take at least a year or more than a year.
But if the ranking- SEO difficulty is less than… somewhere close to 30 – 40 or maybe less than 30, then it will be much easier for you to rank number 1 and make affiliate commission. This is why the niche research is really very important because it’s the combination of the niche research- you would want to go into a niche which, where the competition is low.

And by the competition I mean the SEO difficulty is low so that you’ll be able to rank your articles as number 1.
At the same time, the profitability of the niche should be higher. That is the percentage commission you’ll be getting for every person who buys the product from your link is high. At least in the range of about 5. Like 5%, 8% or 10%. Apart from that you can- usually do this, 
you can do this, like if

you’re looking for “best washing machine in India”, okay.


So here also- you’ll get some suggestions… put these keywords as well in your excel sheet. The final excel sheet of the keywords that you want to optimize. You can use the suggestion bar as well.

And also at the bottom of the articles you will find various other keywords.

So this is another technique to find related keywords for your target article.

But the one I would recommedn is to use Ubersuggest and download all the keywords, that is export the keywords and that is more than enough. You don’t have to make keyword research too complicated guys and still if you have any questions regarding keyword research all you have to do is comment below this content and I’ll make sure I’ll reply to you within 6 hours to 12 hours.

And I’ll solve all your doubts.
I really want you guys to succeed and create a profitable Amazon associate website for yourself So this is the perfect process to find the keywords and you don’t have to make it complicated, just follow this and that is more than enough for you guys.

If Ubersuggest is something that you don’t like and you want to use something else, then you can also try this Chrome extension called “Keywords Everywhere”. It’s a free extension and whenever you are searching for a keyword like this, it will show you related keywords on the right side of your desktop or the laptop screen here.


Like I’ll search for… let’s say I search for this best washing machine in India, and it showed me all the related keywords.

Along with the search volume and the CPC and the competition as well.

Okay, you can also export these keywords as well from “export CSV” option.

So this is another option that you can use to download the keywords and match the competition

and if you want to spend some money and you really want to get the best SEO metrics out

there then I recommend “ahrefs”.
it’s the best SEO tool out there. 

I know it’s really expensive but it has a free trial of $7 per 7 days.

So if you want do it what you- you can follow the same procedure like I mentioned in the


In Ubersuggest the keyword difficulty is less than closer to 35 is more relatable, but hereahrefs has a different metric. Here the keyword difficulty less than 10 means that the competition is extremely low and you can directly write an article about this particular keyword and get it ranked on Google easily. And also since the commission rate is high for this particular niche and also the search volume is significantly high because 14,000 is a very good search volume, you will be able to make good money if you’re targeting this particular niche. So you can also use ahrefs. Because yes, keywords matter a lot but apart from that you also need good quality backlinks.
Now you will going to ask me that I  have the keywords, I have followed your technique, I’ve used Ubersuggest I’ve used Keywords Everywhere, I’ve used ahrefs, now I have the perfect list of keywords, I also know the competition level but I always say content is the king  if your content is not good, it doesn’t matter how much backlink you use, maybe it will improve your ranking but not for more time 

So in the next blog I I’ll show you top do follow instant approval commiting website so by This you can increase your DA,PA

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