How To Get A Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

Today I’m going to teach you how to get and install your free SSL certificate for your WordPress website. if you visit your website you see this not secure

message that means that you don’t have your SSL certificate on your website as of right now there are different SSL certificates depending on the purpose of your website you can go with the free ones or paid certificates if your side is not secure you should not enter any sensitive information on this site for example passwords credit card details and so on.
So now if you want to change this not secure symbol into secure symbol

so for that you need to get an SSL certificate so this will make your visitors trust for your website 
So we are going to get our SSL certificate in 5 steps

How To Install SSL Certificate for your website 

Step 1

So in a first step you need to create an account on a website called cloudflare so for that  you need to go to Google and search 

And we are now over at CloudFlare

so you need create an account so  just you need to click on sign up and then enter your email and password

then click create account now when your account is created 
We need to go to step 2

Step 2 

So in step 2 you need to add your domain your website name to this CloudFlare account so just enter your website name

and then click Add site

Then select next

now select free plan

click confirm plan

 Then scroll all the way to the bottom and click continue

so it will open a page like change your name server

you dont have to click continue now so now you can see our website have been added with cloudflare and this brings us to the step number 3

Step 3

in step number 3 we need to change and update our name server

we have to add these name server for our domain So to add these nameserver 
So for that you need to login to your domain provider’s website so to find out the domain provider u need to click on

I need help changing my nameserver

as you can see our domain is hosted on goDaddy 

our name servers are linking to the GoDaddy to replace it we have to link them to the CloudFlare new name servers so what we have to do we have to login into our go Daddy account

if you have any other hosting account procedure is pretty much the same so no stress So we’ll open in a new window

Go Daddy

And then go to

Now click sign in And then sign in into your account
And so for which domain you have to change name server 

there you can see name which you have added with cloudflare   
So you need to change your name server for that you need to Just click DNS

And then scroll down to nameservers

And click change

Then you need to click on default 

Now click here And select custom name

 and now here you need to enter the new name servers that were provided by Cloudflare
So let’s go to cloudflare  from where you can get new server name 
So you first have to 

copy the first value

And paste it here

Then copy the second value

And paste it Now click save now hold on for a second

and as you can see new name servers are added to our domain now go back to CloudFlare

And now click continue

now to check if the nameservers are change

you need to click recheck now

you will get this message and then click refresh

you should see this green icon which means your name server has been change

so sometimes it take time to load so you need to wait for some minutes and then refresh


So now step 4 

Which is to install the cloudflare plugin in wordpress

So to install the plugin you need to login to your dashboard of your WordPress 

And then go to plugins And click add new 

Now search for flexible SSL

And you will get this plugin

Now you need to install the plugin And activate 

So now if you have installed the cloudflare plugin in wordpress

Step 5 

Now just go back to your cloudfare account

And then click this lock icon name crypto

Now scroll down and now you can see Https is not active

so you have to make it active so for that need to click to Always Use HTTPS And turn it on

Now as soon as you turn this on Your website will now be secured with SSL

Now if you go to your site

You can see that before we had this not secure message

But now if we click refresh

Now You can see that we now have the lock And the HTTPS to your website

Which means we have now got the SSL

 if some cases if your site didn’t load properly Just wait for a few minutes And then load it so you can also use different  device to check it aur different browser

It will work after a few minutes

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