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Social media is getting so popular that it will conquer television so many marketers will go towards social media because you spend so much time on youtube, FacebookInstagram on OTT networks like amazon primeNetflixHotstar so in the upcoming time people will move more towards social media television will be less so marketers will switch more towards social media so the advantage of that as a content producer(me)

I am writing a blog or making videos on youtube more marketers will switch towards me so I will get more views means more revenue and second things marketers will see a new opportunity where they can target their audience properly so you should give more times to social media because for beginners it will really going to help to rank your website 

Top 5 Tools To Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media

1. BuzzSumo

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

The first tool his buzzSumo now you end up written content and what you do after writing content you submit it to many ping sites and you create backlinks and more times you share on social website and thinking to have more traffic to your website but after some times u see the content which you have submitted on social website and you see there are no likes no comments

So with buzzSumo, it will tell you and it will show you all the  popular topics and article so look at the topic which is popular like more about that topic on your blog and then submit it to a social website like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and then you will get more traffic to your websites because you need to attract people and you have to write content for what people want to read 

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

2. Tweetdeck

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

Tweetdeck is one of the most popular social media management Tools used my individual or businesses what you can do with tweet deck you can have multiple accounts this feature allows you to schedule tweets to be sent on a specific time and date even you are not online it is free and it has given a gift by the Twitter to everyone’s and there is the column where you can get all tweets including a specific hashtag, trust me guys it will be very helpful to each and every one

It also has one-click tweet so you don’t have to go to Twitter n tweet your content so it will really help you to get much traffic and there are lots of feature in it, that make this tool much special

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

3. Many Chats

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

The next tools his ManyChats and many of them are struggling to get traffic from Facebook it will help you to solve by getting more traffic and it’s like and Facebook messenger and by using this tool you will get much more 

click and it beats out email marketing and if you want easy traffic what this tool does it make people visit your website and subscribe to it and then if you post a blog it will push notifications and you will get open rates above more than 50% and that’s enough guys because it’s really difficult to get traffic from Facebook and you will get clicks to rate more then 40% I highly recommend you to use this tool it’s free

ManyChat is Built for Sales and Marketing

Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger.

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

Get More Out of the Tools You Already Use

Whether it’s Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, or Zapier, ManyChat connects to the tools you already use.

4. Zoho Social

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

The next tool his Zoho social. Zoho social makes everything easy to work with team members or as individuals and Zoho social also help you to find perfect keywords and if you finish writing content and if you use wrong keywords, description and if you want to Target social traffic because of wrong keywords most of the people will not be able to see it  Zoho social help you to find correct keywords for which you can easily rank your post so I highly recommend you guys to get this tool it’s free 

5. HootSuite

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

Hoot suite is one of the best social media tools it has been recommended by many expert’s hoot suite make social media easy Hootsuite it’s like the software in which you can schedule your social media post now it’s not easy to post every day because we have lot’s of work one day or another or if you forgot to post your new content but with Hootsuite, you can schedule your post

It has a free plan which had access of 3 profile and you can schedule 20 posts this will help you to stay on social media even if you are not much engaged with social media it saves your time and you will get more clicks by using this tools so I highly recommend you to get this tool

Measure your social media results

Track your performance and share meaningful insights with your team about customers and campaign content using customizable, easy-to-create reports.

Get a clear understanding of your network and social post-performance across channels. Track results by timeframes.

Create insightful, customizable reports using an intuitive interface. Draw on over 200 metrics that measure the impact of your social media content across channels and campaigns.

5 Tools To Double Your Traffic Through Social Media

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