Top Best Free Online Logo Maker Website-2019

Top Best Free Online Logo Maker Website-2019

Top Best Free Online Logo Maker Website-2019

Why Logo and Template are important for your website

A logo and template is an important part of your website , and makes a significant impact on a public perception.  In fact, a logo is one of the most important way of bringing for traffic to your website . You have ever noticed that you can correctly guess the nature of a business by looking at its logo or a template for the first time so logo plays an important role. so whenever people visit your website they get to know the content you wrote by looking your template more attractive template more people will click on that 

So I will Show you top 3 Website from where you can make a professional logo and template where you dont need to be a professional designer skills 

Top 3 logo maker website


At no 1 we have canva it has a high class graphic designing service  which helps you to create beautiful a stunning design template for blogs and for videos as well as logo where you not need to know professional designer skills it’s is very easy 
So first go to Google and search So first you need to sign up 

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And after login you I’ll see this page so here u need to select if you want to create blog template or you tube template or u need to make a website logo so just you need to type if you type YouTube template

so you can see dozens of professional template on the left side.

so you need to select any template of your choice and start editing you can edit everything of your choice fonts, you can add text you can change color and you also add images of your choice  and there’s also option of transparent photo there are lots of feature which makes these websites very special and if you are ready with your template or logo simple tap download button at the top so it’s easy and if you have difficulties  so there are lots of video available on YouTube so you can watch and solve your problem

and you can see all this templates which I made from canva its pretty much easy 


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Ucraft is a website builder that also offers a free online logo creator.

The logo creator is available for anyone to use, even if you’re not using Ucraft to build your website. it has more than
50 predefined icons

so when you click on the create a logo button you will be redirect to editor

where Ucraft allows you to create a logo with the help of different fonts, colors, icons, shapes and so you can choose any icons and if u want more so you can go for more special icons in the search bar 

Their interface is simple, making it easy to create and export your logo design in minute and by default background of your logo will be transparent if you done with everything click on the export logo button and then your logo will be saved 

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As a free online logo maker, designEvo makes logo simple and offer you millions of shape, icons stylish fonts and powerful editing tools 
It’s as features like 
6000+ professional designer templates , more than 100 of text fonts and shape and it is fully customizable features 

So have to search DesignEvo

and this is a screen that you will see

of course there are some things down below – you can check that out but to start making a free logo just go and click on make a free logo it’s simple as that and this is a screen that you will see after you click on that make a free logo button

and as you can see guy there a bunch of pretty logo here and you can choose between any of them and then you can change the logo color you can change logo name, sloga name you can even remove some element add a new ones change the font etc or you can go on the left side

right here and choose between all of these categories so for example if you want to make some kind of business logogo to business and finance category and Hear you need to just scroll down and find a logo where that suits your needs the best and then you can modify or you can go to lifestyle or maybe if you want to create some kind of photography logo just go to art and entertainment and here you can choose any kind of photography logo that you like the best or you can even narrow the selection to see only certain types of logos so if I want to see only photography logos I can go and search for the Logos this is really neat option so lf you done with your logo you can simply download it 

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Here are the best three website from where you can make professional logo and for templates i recommend you to use  canva 

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