Top10 Free Ping Submission Site List(Easy way of Submitting URL on ping)

 Top10 Free Ping Submission Site List(Easy way of Submitting URL on ping)

 Top 10 Free Ping Submission Site list

Easy way of Submitting URL on ping)

What is ping

And easy method how to submit your site 
before you can even compete in the search engine you have to let Google know that you exist  Google ping is a service that Google has for people who just created their website and they want to get it ranked and known on the search engine so you use Google ping and you ping your website to Google and it lets them know that you’re alive and that your website needs to have your content ranked in the search engines and that means Google and the search engine itself is where your target audience  is and those are the people you want to reach out to you  so to reach out to those people you have to let Google know that you are a owner and you have written 
content let them know that you have a website and you have a blog that you want to promote an article you wrote videos little things like that.

Why ping is important for website

Ping are very important they built backlinks for your website just you need to submit your url  ping also help to increase your DA & PA and so before submitting your url you should write eco friendly content which add some value to the user life and what ping do  These Ping Websites Send Notification To Search Engine, Top web directories, feed websites Etc About Your Website or Blog Post Url Content. Ping Sites helps To Index Your Site Content Or Backlinks URLs Faster And Increase your Ranking. If you Post Or Backlinks Not Indexing in Search Engine Then pinging Sites Are the best Option For you. 


The great thing about Google ping is that you tell them that you want to have backlinks towards your website backlinks are pretty much important for your website more backlinks help to rank your website and ping help to create more backlinks the Google will be aware that you have a website so you may rank more faster

How to Submit URL on Ping

Now I I’ll show you the easy method of submitting your url

so the easy way of submitting url on ping 

Step 1

Step 1 you have to log in to your website

so i just log in to my website

Step 2

After log in to your website step 2 you have to scroll down and come to the setting

when you came to the setting
Steo 3
so 3 step you have to click on writting
so when you click on writting
so at the down you have to go to the update service so what you have to do is copy all the ping url and paste it so whenever u publish a content it will automatically publish the content in all the ping website so either you can go to the website and you can submit the ping

 Top 10 Free Ping Submission Site list











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