What is SEO (on-page SEO why it is important complete tutorial)

What is SEO (on-page SEO why it is important complete tutorial)

Hey guys, today I will talk about what is SEO and On page seo so first going to On page SEO we I’ll see what his seo n why it is important and necessary to do.

I love free things, and what I love the most is free traffic. And through SEO it is possibly

 What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is the process of getting traffic from the search results on the search engines. So I won’t give you this bookish definition, rather, show it to you through an example. i 

So if you go to “google.com” and search for the keyword “list of free job posting sites in India”


The first result is an article on my website: https://surejob.in So if you click on this result and come on that website then you will become part of organic traffic of that particular website


So now let’s talk about why SEO is even important and why you should even consider doing it for your website. Personally, I love SEO. Why?

Because it is a free evergreen traffic.
Many website who are ranking first get major of 89% traffic through search engine and 50% from organic search

Whenever we talk about SEO we primarily focus on Google, because Google owns the majority of the market shares in the search engine space.

 So as you can see in the data here that Google owns around 75% of the market and Yahoo comes

at second place at 8% . So whenever we’ll be talking about SEO, we’ll be focusing entirely on Google. I should also mention that SEO is for organic search results, and SCM is for search engine marketing. That is for paid search results.

So the goal in SEO is to get into the top 3 ranking positions of Google search results. so you can see the data how much traffic % top 3 position are getting.

So let’s say you are searching for the keyword “best places in India.

Then your target is to rank your website on the first result here. Where “traveltriangle” is ranking currently. Why? Because it’s human tendency to click on the first couple of results and not go down on the search results page.

Also going through the stats up i shown you, you can see that the position one is getting almost 20% of clicks for the target keyword. It goes down from there in position two around 13%. Position four around 8%. And for position ten you are only getting 8% of the clicks. So the ultimate goal is to rank your website for the first position.

Now there are two ways to get ranked in the first position. Either you can pay money and buy those keywords, or you can go the SEO route.

So how the hell even Google rank websites, right? So already there are 200+ factors that Google considers while ranking a webpage on their search results.

seo what is-



*user experience

*site structure

But the primary ones are the backlinks, content, user experience and site structure. One of the key metrics that Google considers while ranking a webpage is the number of backlinks. So backlinks is all about how many different other websites are linked into your webpage that you are trying to rank on Google search results.

So let’s say if you write an article on “best credit cards in India”.

And it’s get mentioned on 30 different websites , with the link back to your article, then that means you have 30 different backlinks to your article. more backlinks help to rank your website and also increase your domain authority( DA), Page authority(PA)  We’ll be talking about backlinks in the next blog .

Seo content strategy 

Content is king when we talk about the SEO. The content should be comprehensive, it should answer all the questions that a person has while searching for the keyword. If your content is not good its doesnt matter how many backlinks you make. maybe it will improve your ranking but after some time it wont rank   

Let’s say if I’m searching for “best gredit card in India” and I click on the first result. If that article can give me all the details, the best great card comparison, table, recommendation, pros and cons, then obviously that’s a high quality article. I’ll be spending more time on the website.

Let me give another example.

So if you search for “best places in India” and you click on the first result, you’ll go to this article of Travel Triangle. As you can see this article is highly comprehensive.It is covering all the places, while adding images, and it’s also giving bullet points, how to reach, best time to travel, attractions… So you get all the information in one article itself. So you’re more likely to share the article, you’re more likely to spend time on this article.

So that’s the kind of article that you have to write in order to get yourself ranked in the first place of Google search results. When we talk about site structure then this affects us like speed of your website, the responsiveness of your website, is it loading properly on mobile phone or not? So these are the various factors that affect the ranking of your website.

 Types of SEO.

*On page seo

*Off page seo

There are primarily 2 types of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We’ll be covering the off-page SEO in the next blog, today we’ll be focusing entirely on on-page SEO. Although all of them are equally important.

What is On-Page SEO.

So these are all the measures, all the tactics that you can use directly within your website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. So there are various factors that affect the on page SEO. So we’ll go through them, one-by-one. So the most important metric is, keyword.

Keyword in the context of search engine optimization is a particular word or a phrase that describes the content of a webpage. So this phrase here “list of free posting sites in India” is a keyword.

As you can see here, Google is also recommending some extra keywords here. Like people who are searching for this keyword would also be searching for these keywords. My job is to optimize my article for all these keywords, because the intent is same. And then you have to find all the keywords, which has similar intent. So here the person is looking for free job posting sites. So you’ll have to find all the keywords where the intent is to find free job posting sites.

We do comprehensive keyword research through various paid tools, one that I personally use and prefer is “ahrefs”.

So I have already added the URL is of the Travel Triangle,

and as you can see this article is ranking for almost 2, 652 keywords.

Look at the keywords here. They all have similar intents. Best places to visit in India, places to visit in India, tourist places in India.

search engine optimization(seo) how to find keywords

Keywords are actually the foundation of your website content. Before starting an article, I spend 30 to 50 minutes finding the right keywords. Also you have to understand that Google is a machine. They have crawlers to understand the content of your website. There’s no human eye looking at your content. So the only way they can understand the content of your website is through keywords. So the better optimized your article is for these various keywords, the better ranking you will get in the search results. I’ve even see websites drive almost a million plus visitors to their site, without doing anything else apart from keyword research because the competition is very low in some of the niches.

Whenever we are talking about onpage SEO it starts with keyword research. So now I hope that you might have understood that keywords are extremely important for your website.

 where do you even find such keywords, right?

Although there are many free tools also available out there in the market, which can be used to doing the keyword research. But if you are really serious about SEO, if you are really serious about driving the free organic traffic through Google search results then you should definitely invest in a paid tool.

The one that I personally use and prefer is “ahrefs”.

 All my SEO efforts are done through “ahrefs”. Ahrefs is not only used for keyword research, but much more than that. So let me show you the process that I used to do the keyword research. This might be different from what the experts say, but this has been the most profitable one for me.

So let’s say if I have to write an article for best credit cards in India. What I’ll do is first search for the main keywords, the natural looking keywords.

The best credit cards in India, then I’ll copy the URL of the first article that is ranking.

Open site explorer of ahrefs, enter the URL here, select “prefix” and press search. Apart from ahrefs you can also use other tools like “semrush” it is also very popular in the market. It also has very comprehensive database for the keywords and the backlinks. It also offers a 30-day trial. You can also use “moz”, it’s one of the biggest websites when we talk about internet marketing online. They also have SEO software. Apart from that you can also use this free tool “keyword finder”. Their keyword difficulty metric is really preferable in all the internet. Also it gives you a list of related keywords like “tourist places in India”, “best tourist places in India” along with the search value and the CPC.


But the keyword difficulty metric here is extremely important. So what are the things you should remember while doing the on page SEO? The most important metric is the niche. Your niche should not be too competitive. It should be easy to rank. So whenever you are writing an article make sure you do comprehensive research. Research is very important before writing any article. So make sure you research your article, make a list of the important, relevant topics related to the niche of your article. And then do the keyword research. The more keywords you have, the more keywords you are targeting in your article, the better ranking you will get, the more traffic you will get in the future. So let’s say you are writing an article on the best credit cards on India.

*So other related search term is “how to apply credit card”, “credit card steps”…

So these are all related search terms which also have comparable search volume. So you should be incorporating all these keywords in your article. You also have long tail keywords like “which credit card is best in India”. So this is a long tail keyword. And then you should just follow my technique of putting in the URL of the top ranking articles into ahrefs and then downloading the excel sheet on the various keywords.
So On page is the most important factor in ranking. If you check you’ll find that 95% weightage of seo is on page seo.


These are heading 

H1, H2 , H3

Headings We need to put our most important lines in the H1 tag
Like we have  website of study for knowledge So I write Welcome to study for knowledge.This will stay in H1.

next is H2– subpoints Let’s try to understand.
Today we’ll talk about SEO. the main content about what is seo This will be in H2. Other details will be in paragraph.

If i make more subheadings. let’s say on page SEO. That will come in H3.

Let’s say SEO is H1. Means i am talking about SEO. and it has 2 parts : On page and OFF page.

So On page is H2, OFF page is H2 too. Basically we need to use H1 once. And H2 we can use multiple times. We can go till H6 multiple times.

Remember H2 will come inside H1. and H3 inside H2. so heading will be H1 and then subpoints will be H2 so if you want to elaborate your subpoint that subpoint will come in H3 and so on. Like the person can understand the series of our content. But Google won’t So for a succesful crawling we need to give headings. Tags like H1,H2….etc  so you have to increase the size of main sub heading. 

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